Sandblasting glass bead is powered by compressed air to spray glass beads onto the surface of workpiece with high speed and high pressure for shot peening and polishing processing.It is mainly used for cleaning all kinds of molds such as punching, forging glass,rubber,plastic,metal casting,extrusion,etc.It can eliminate tensile stress,increase fatigue life and improve wear resistance.
Normally its hardness ≥5.5  density 2.4-2.6g/cm3
We supply the sandblasting glass bead as per American standard MIL-G-9954A,
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1. Semi-luster surface treatment on stainless steel products.
2. Clean and polish moulds for punching,forging,metal casting,glass products,rubber products and others.
3. Eliminate all kinds of machine parts tensile stress,increase fatigue life and improve wear resistance.For instance, aircraft engine, turbine,blade,axis, undercarriage,as well as all kinds of spring,gear hydraulic parts,etc.
4. Clean semiconductor device and plastic sealed pair pipe before plating tin and remove edge and burrs.
5. Remove blockage in piston and cylinder.
6. Clean coil,brush,rotor and other spare parts when the motor and generator are overhauling.
7. Clean and deburr various metal pipes and nonferrous metal precise casting,Shotblasting enhancement and polishing from textile machinery components.
8. Provide bright and sub glossy surface for medical apparatus instruments and automobile spare parts.